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Fencing, Burglar Proofing & Gates SECURING WHAT MATTERS Palisades: We can help with a broad range of palisade fencing.   Palisade    fencing    is    an    ever-popular    solution    to    residential,    commercial,    complexes    and    industrial perimeter   security   needs,   as   it   offers   both   visual   and   physical   deterrence;   and,   unlike   other   fencing solutionsFurthermore,   steel   palisades   are   unparalleled   in   strength   and   therefore   incredibly   durable. Galvanisation ensures rust resistance and added longevity. Round Top Pool Fencing Flat Top Pool Fencing Palisades   Gates: We Manufacture and Install Driveway and pedestrian Gates to Customer Specifications, Custom design’s From Simple to Ornate Steel, Wooden and Stainless Steel Gate’s We also repair damaged Driveway Gate’s We Cater for all our customer’s from Domestic to Commercial
Carports: Are you in need of a practical solution to keep your car safe from extreme weather conditions and the South African harsh Sun? We offer you practical and durable carports that will keep your car protected throughout the year. We use only high quality A grade steel and spray painting to a impeccable finish.  All carports are fitted with gutters and downpipes. We specialize in the following carports: Steel Carports Tin Carports Aluminium Carports Wood Carports Polyester or Polyethylene Carports A-Frame Roof Carports Flat Roof Carports Low Arched Roof Carports Custom Made Carports Soft-Top Roof Carports No job to big or to small. We currently do carport for townhouses, multi-housing and commercial projects and work with top developers throughout Gauteng.
Balustrades & Handrails: As one of the leading steel art railing and balustrade manufacturers in Gauteng, we pride ourselves on our attention to perfection and detail. Our Balustrades and handrails are manufactured with state-of- the-art materials. We comply with the newest safety and design trends as well as meet both classic and modern tastes. We provide low-cost, professional installation of steel balustrade systems. Our systems are ideal for staircases, landings, balconies and walkways and preferred method of choice for property developers, contractors and homeowners. Horizontal tube Curved tube Vertical tube Cable balustrades Pool balustrades Industrial balustrades and handrails Side wall handrails
Furniture, Decor, Jewelry and Artwork Using the Request design feature of this website upload a picture to us of anything you need done, you dream it, we design it!
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You Dream it,  We Design it!
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